Our story

Slow Food provided the spark. In February of 2014, on a recommendation by Slow Food, Firgoriferi Milanesi invited us to open a second location of our Trattoria del Nuovo Macello not far from them, inaugurating a new era for the Kitchen of the Frigoriferi Milanesi.


The invitation was very attractive: Frigoriferi is a place where culture, art and history are in a constant and passionate dialogue. Allowing our culinary art become a part of this conversation was an opportunity not to be missed!
And so, in April 2014, one of our chefs, Marco Tronconi, moved to Via Piranesi to offer the solid tradition of Nuovo Macello with a cosmopolitan flair, right in line with the dynamic reality of Frigoriferi.


The minimalist interior of the restaurant thus became a haven of New York flavours presented in a de-structured menu that is not divided into starters, first and second courses, but made up of 10 dishes whose accompaniment can be decided upon at the spur of the moment. The prices allow diners to expand their horizons: 1 dish costs €16, two cost €28 and three cost €33.
At lunch, prices start at €14 and offer a set that includes a starter, first and second course all served together, creating fascinatingly delicious fare that is also sometimes unusual.


Fish often steals the scene from meat, while the quality of the raw materials, the 100% local ingredients and fresh seasonal menu are all a must that is at the basis of the Nuovo Macello philosophy.


For those who already know us, please see this as an invitation to discover our ‘other’ spirit, and for those who don’t know us yet, come and discover both!


Claudio, Paola, Marco e Giovanni