Tasting menu

37 euro

Composed of appetizer, first course, second course dessert

(Excluding cost of service and drinks)

Can be ordered until 2 p.m. for lunch and 10 p.m. for dinner




Liver pate ingots, zibibbo jelly and almond savory shortbread, Tropea onion jam

€ 13,00

(Gluten, dairy, nuts)

Cervella dorate in padella, chutney di finocchi e uvetta e salsa di maionese e rafano

€ 13,00

(Eggs, gluten, dairy products)

Marinated brook trout, confit shiitake mushrooms, red wine vinegar chicken jus

€ 14,00

(Fish, mushrooms, soybeans)

Lightly smoked veal tongue with mustard sauce , red sauerkraut

€ 13,00

(Celery, mustard)

Vitello tonnato 2.0 (Beetroot tuna sauce)

€ 13,00

(Fish, peanuts, eggs)

Mondeghili with tomato jam

(traditional Milanese dish)

€ 13,00

(Dairy and gluten eggs)

Piedmontese fassona beef tartare (100g), herring caviar, grits, crunchy beans, tomato jam and mustard mayonnaise

€ 14,00

(Eggs, mustard, fish )

Anchovies with green sauce and bread puff pastry


(Fish, gluten, eggs)

“Natalino’s Salami”

Native salami served with salty chiacchere ” AZ Natalino Grassi”


( Gluten, peanuts)

Raw ham seasoning 24 months

(Mark of Oggiono)




Sbrofadei with shrimp and broccoli (Lombard recipe,similar to passatelli)

€ 13,00

(Fish, dairy products, gluten, shellfish, celery)

Riso croccante allo zafferano con calamari, carciofi, intingolo di erbe e limone

€ 13,00

(Fish, dairy products)

Paccheri with clams (caught in the Adriatic Sea) and smoked tomato sauce

Cooking 15 minutes

€ 14,00

(Glutine, mollusco, tracce di latticini)

Crispy lasagnette with meatball sauce and pea sauce

€ 13,00

(Gluten, dairy,)

Crispy saffron rice with marrow gratin with herb bread

€ 13,00

(Celery, gluten, dairy products)

Sheep ricotta and smoked pecorino cheese ravioli, fava beans, salami pasta

€ 13,00

(Gluten, dairy products)



“The Flintstones’ Steak.”

Bone-in rib-eye steak planked with peat whiskey and tomato sauce, mayonnaise, baked potatoes and tomato vegetables

€ 6,00 per hecto

(No tasting, recommended for two people, cooking time about 20 minutes, cooked rare or medium)

( sedano, soia tracce )

BIO homegrown roast cockerel with potatoes and sautéed vegetables

(Half a chanterelle per serving about 400g in the tasting can be ordered for 2 people or multiple)

€ 20,00

( Mustard)

Baked quail, with golden cauliflower, lightly smoked sage sauce

€ 20,00

( Dairy products)

Roasted late radicchio with smoked red onion and vinegar sauce and salted almond hazelnut crumble

Vegetarian dish

€ 16,00

( Dried fruits, trace soy, gluten )

Pork ribs, late radicchio, mussel sauce

€ 20,00

( Mustard, celery, soy, gluten ,shellfish)

Roasted squid, artichokes, potato and saffron sauce

€ 20,00

( Fish)

Griddled veal kidney ,carpione squash, and late radicchio

( Celery, trace soy, mustard, gluten)

€ 20,00

Saffron whipped codfish, crispy polenta, chickpea sauce , and orange crudités

€ 20,00

( Fish, dairy products, gluten, traces of nuts)

Side dishes


Seasonal sautéed vegetables

€ 6,00

Robuchon puree

€ 6,00

(Dairy products)

Small Selection of cow and goat cheeses with honey and compotes

€ 11,00

Selection of cow and goat cheeses with honey and compotes

€ 16,00

Many of our dishes can undergo blast chilling and storage processes at -18

Fish is culled to ensure quality and sanitary regulations


€ 7,00

Caramelized pumpkin, almond sauce, crumlé and orange

( Dried fruits, dairy products, gluten)

Profitterol (2023)

(Sugar sphere with chocolate heart puffs and creamy hazelnut rum ,pear and ginger sauce)

(Gluten, nuts, dairy products)


Sweet Milanese

(Warm dark chocolate creamy with soft ricotta, cookie and coffee powder)

(Gluten, nuts, dairy products )


(Pink pepper pineapple puff pastry with ginger ice cream)

( Pepe rose, dairy products )

Tiramisu with Sbrisolona

(Nuts, eggs, gluten, dairy products)

“Coffee Drowned.”

Hazelnut ice cream with mountain milk and cold coffee and cocoa sauce

(Dried fruits ,Dairy products)

Glass of Sicilian Moscato(Ag. Casano) with dry cookies

(Dried fruits, gluten, egg, dairy products)

Cover charge and service € 3

Coffee€ 2.50

Microfiltered water bott. 750 ml. € 2,50

Lauretana water bott. 750 ml. € 3,50

Italian pils type brewery € 7.00

Italian huxley brewery € 7.00

In red are the allergens

Products from Slow Food Presidia – Slow Food Alliance of Chefs

PRENOTAZIONE CONSIGLIATA Tel. 0239666784 Tel.027398245


Siamo aperti dal martedì al sabato:
pranzo: 12.00 – 15.30
cena: 20.00 – 00.30;

pranzo: 12.00 – 15.30

Lunedì chiuso tutto il giorno

Cured meats, vegetables and cheese


€ 7,00

Dessert wines available by the glass:

€ 6,00

Coffee € 2,00



€ 15,00

The “single course” composition includes 2 courses (appetizer or first or second course) . Alternatively, the same dishes can also be chosen individually a la carte

Chickpea hummus with puntarelle and sun-dried tomato dip

€ 10,00


Pasta with eggplant and olives

€ 9,00

Allergens: dairy products

Grilled calamari and shrimp with vegetables

€ 13,00

Allergens: fish, shellfish


Club sandwich with roasted chicken, spicy mayonnaise , crispy bacon, egg and cherry tomatoes

Allergens: eggs, gluten, mustard, soybean

€ 13,00


Italian Brewery – 33cl

€ 7,00

Wine by the glass

€ 5/6/7

*Products may contain gluten, fish, eggs, nuts, dairy products, celery, mustard, shellfish, soy, peanuts, peanut oil. For more information, contact the hall staff


Da Lunedì a Venerdi (Domenica aperti solo per banchetti):

mattina – esercizio: 12.00 – 14,30